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FoxTag: Health and Wellness Products

Sun and After Sun Care

For a number of years we have been intrigued by the relationship between Vitamin D and sunlight.

If all we were being told was true and sunlight was truly dangerous even in limited quantity, how has mankind survive for millions of years?

Now we are finding out that the relationship between Vitamin D and sunlight is much more complicated and benign than previously assumed. The question now is how to get the benefits without the risk associated with adequate sun exposure.

This is the purpose of FoxTag Enterprises, to provide safe, effective sun and skin care products that are free of dangerous chemicals yet still provide the maximum effectiveness obtainable today.

Our current product line includes before and after sun care topicals as well as the next generation in safe sun block. Our products are designed to not only be safe for the users but also to the environment and are all made in the USA under the strictest (GMP) manufacturing standards.

KINK-EASE® Pain Cream

For over 30 years MSM (formally as DMSO) has been used to treat a myriad of health and pain related issues.  KINK-EASE® provides the finest quality MSM available in a topical lotion that works in 15-30 seconds and has demonstrated impressive results in athletics both at the recreational and professional levels.

Pharmaceutical Quality Nutritional Supplements

Many of our health issues result from changes in our body chemistry that are only indirectly related to age. By replacing the missing parts  we can expect to reverse or at least slow many health issues. The trick is to do it correctly and with the proper ingredients.

You should always discuss any medical circumstances with a qualified medical provider before making any decisions. If you do not have one or would like another opinion, there is Stages of Life Medical Institute a 30 year medical practice also affiliated with the institute. It is here that many of the articles and research referenced in this site generated.