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KINK-EASE™ Pain Cream


Chest Wall Pain


Arthritic changes of the chest wall can result in persistent, aggravating pain.

Known as costochondritis, the pain can last for weeks, months and years.  It can be precipitated by trauma, but it can follow upper respiratory tract infection. 

KINK-EASE™ lotion is applied to the joint between the rib and the cartilaginous portion of the rib, near or at the muscular attachment of the abdominal muscles and pectoral muscles.



chest joint id

To identify the joints, it is necessary to examine the chest wall. 

The most commonly involved joints are where the rib cartilage attaches to the breast bone. The red dots overly the chondro-sternal junctions.

To treat the pain due to arthritis of these joints, apply a few 'chocolate chip' size aliquots of KINK-EASE™ to the skin over the joint.  Gently rub it in, try not to 'rub it out and away.'