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Topical Pain Management

At all ages, anyone with an active lifestyle (and many without) will encounter some form of pain. It can be sore or bruised muscles, torn tendons or even broken bones. This pain ranges from short and intense to chronic. The only commonality is; how do we deal with both, in mitigating the pain and in enhancing the recovery.

During his over 30 year medical practice, Dr. David Klein has had to effectively address all these issues. He has recently formulated a product which enables us to manage many of these pain issues topically.  This product is KINK-EASE™.  KINK-EASE™ was formulated to provide both effective pain management and speed up the recovery process. The primary ingredient is MSM.


What is MSM?

It is a naturally occurring component in all living organisms and is actually the third largest element in our body second only to water and gasses.

Is it safe?

The FDA considers MSM to be GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe).  MSM has been taken internally for over 30 years without any serious issues. Taken topically, the only side effect to over-use appears to be softer skin. Because MSM is a natural ingredient, the body never builds up a resistance to it and in fact the more it is used the quicker it works and the longer it can last.

Is it effective?

It has been effective as an anti-inflammatory in treatment of arthritis but recent experiences have shown that it does much more. In sufficient concentration MSM can improve flexibility and speed up recovery times by allowing the body to fully utilize the effects of physical therapy without the limitations imposed by pain and muscle resistance.  

Is it high quality?

Kinkease™ is almost 40% pure MSM, formulated under the most stringent standards (GMP) and has been used successfully to produce exceptional results in both performance and recovery.

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