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KINK-EASE® Pain Cream


Transdermal KINK-EASE® for TMD, TMJ pain

After experience using KINK-EASE® to treat arthritic and other inflammatory problems of the hands, feet, shoulders, knees and elbows, we began using the cream on other areas. 


As it turns out, many patients who complained of "TMJ" pain responded quickly to applications of KINK-EASE® to the TMJ area.  Using modest amounts, rubbed in gently to the joint, pain relief was noted in about 80% of patients within as little as 60 seconds.

As an added benefit, it seemed to make the skin softer and more youthful, as well.

KINK-EASE® is available in 6 ounce tubes and 32 ounce pumps, and boxes of single use travel packs.