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KINK-EASE® Pain Cream

At all ages, anyone with an active lifestyle (and many without) will encounter some form of pain. It can be sore or bruised muscles, torn tendons or even broken bones. This pain ranges from short and intense to chronic. The only commonality is; how do we deal with both, in mitigating the pain and in enhancing the recovery.


Directions for Use and Uses

KINK-EASE® MSM Salve should be applied liberally to the area of discomfort, as if it were suntan lotion being applied. Pain relief will generally be experienced within 60 seconds. After 120 seconds, a second application may be performed if deemed necessary. Below are links to more specific directions for specific types of pain:

Symptom relief can be expected to last from 2 to 6 hours, and with repeated use, the duration of action tends to lengthen.

BACKGROUND:  Methylsulfonyl Methane (MSM) is widely used as an anti-inflammatory medication (6) and as an adjunctive agent in the treatment of pain.  MSM is widely found in nature, and is essentially non-allergenic. MSM relieves pain through several mechanisms of action. Acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, reduction in tissue swelling, reduction in vasodilation, pain is reduced.  MSM may reduce muscle spasm and MSM reduces the rate of pain impulse activity in the C-fiber component of the peripheral nervous system. There is evidence that MSM may have value as a cancer preventive agent. (MSM is very safe to administer, having a very low toxicity.   Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a popular dietary supplement used in a variety of conditions including pain, inflammation, allergies, arthritis, parasitic infections, and bladder conditions.