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KINK-EASE® Pain Cream

User Testimonials

The following testimonials have been submitted by people who have used KINK-EASE® describing their experiences with the product. Many of them were skeptics who tried it as a last resort after living with chronic pain for years:

I can't believe how that lotion helps my back. I've used it several times when my back was hurting and the pain stopped almost immediately.

Carol, Md.

I already have a Kink-Ease story...Douglas is the main character.  As I was preparing for bed, I heard Doug groan ....his hip hurt. I casually asked when he was going to put on some Kink-Ease....He said, 'that won't work for my problem will it?'   Well, of course he put some on his hip area and got into bed to read.  About 10 minutes later, I heard this exclamation...'IT DOESN'T HURT!!!'  I came out of the bathroom to see him standing in the middle of the room beaming. I thought he was joking as his smile seemed a bit theatrical. but no...he was pain free. And he didn't have to take a pill!

Susan, Va.

I have tried so many different types of creams and soaks to relieve the dryness, aches and misery on my hands and feet, an unfortunate side effect of chemotherapy, but nothing has worked.  I have dealt with this misery since February! 

I must tell you is that the cream you sent is nothing less than a miracle!  When I began to rub it into my foot, the dry, leathery skin started to slough off and the skin that was left left was very smooth and soft.  I was speechless!

I will continue to use this cream daily on my hands and feet and will enjoy every minute of relief that it gives me.  I just can't tell you how wonderful it is to finally have some relief.  I woke up this morning and my feet still felt soft. 

Sheree. Md.

"As a semi-retired corporate executive who spends much time in front of a pc providing educational programs, I have found Kink-Ease to really be an important part of my daily routine.  I have been living with hand/wrist arthritis for years and recently began feeling arthritic issues in my neck area. In addition, this year I began a serious exercise program (biking and swimming) which has resulted in a loss of 20 lbs. Physically I'm probably in the best shape in over 20 yrs., but - of course - arthritis doesn't recognize that event.
I use Kink-Ease 3x a day, and whether exercising or working the computer, the reduction of my arthritic pain has been significant -  thank you, Kink-Ease!"

Paul B, San Francisco, CA

I have two very bad shoulders. some nights I have been unable to train at all. Most nights I just get by and dread the results. Sleeping has become a touch and go process also. Your suggestion to try KINK-EASE was the same time my doctor put me on a full regiment of Aleve. When I would forget the Aleve my recovery suffered. When I would leave off the KINK-EASE my work outs and my recovery suffered. I have tried all the other over the counter treatments from Controitin to Emu-Oil. Nothing really worked. So I was skeptical that KINK-EASE would work also. I gave it a full test on its own, so as not to just imagine the results, or give it credit that belonged to Aleve. I just reordered. This stuff really works and I am now able to participate in all classes (karate, boxing, jujitsu) and weight ligting on off days. I also noticed that after applying it, my hands didn't hurt, especially my thumb joints. After 43 years in the martial arts and being 67 years old, I would say that I have found a portion of my youth and stregnth again.

Denny Shaffer
Master Instructor, Dragon Seni- Jutsu
Red Dragon School of MMA

Here's my take on Kink-Ease. I've had a couple months to try it out personally, and also to offer it to my friends and family whenever I saw a likely use for it. It's kind of hard to ignore the way Kink-Ease is presented; it just sounds too capable -- too good to be true. Funny thing, though -- it can do what the advertising claims.

I'm a massage therapist and I've used it on stiff necks and shoulders, a broken foot, sore backs, cramping legs, assorted bruises and even dry, sore feet. And the feedback has been pretty awesome. Not only does this stuff relieve pain, but it smells good while you rub it in and it leaves the skin softer.

Sometimes the reaction is, "It must not be working, I don't feel anything." Ask about the pain level, though, and the reaction changes to, "Whoa! You're right, the pain's gone. I was expecting it to burn or something, so I thought nothing was happening.This stuff is pretty cool."

It just doesn't get much better than that! (Oh, yeah, the dry, sore feet were mine. My skin used to get so dry it'd crack around the heels. Thank you Dr. Dave, that's now a thing of the past.)

...Frank M.

I have had 10 shoulder separations over the years while in martial arts. About 15 years ago on my pre-black belt test my shoulder separated. After I went to the doctor he said there can be no more. I can no longer give you cortisone shots; you have reached your limit! You must leave the martial arts. Before that and after that I have lived off Ibuprofen. I would leave the house with a pocketful of these pills. Many a night I would stay awake after taking the pills and still be in pain.

Thomas A. Soterakos
green belt Bando
brown belt Tang So D

I had been bothered by aches & pain in both my hands and feet for quite a long period of time. I decided to give KINK-EASE a try. I was amazed at the almost immediate improvement. I continue to use it today and as advertised I don't need to use it as often and it remains as effective as when I first started using it.

We have recommended the use of this product to many of our friends who have been impressed by the improvement they see in Byron. Information about the product is also readily available on the internet.

Byron Conroe

I used the product at the Bohan-Niemera Tournament in Virginia when Dr. Klein gave a treatment to Wayne and others. The product seems to be quite effective.  I was impressed by the results.

Kink-Ease is an effective product for all martial arts practitioners. Injuries and physical pain resulting from overuse, misuse and abuse of the body are quite common among active martial arts practitioners.

There are many different products on the market which include ointments, liniment, balm and oil to ease muscle stress. After more than 65 years of training in the martial arts I find Kink-Ease to be the most effective product to reduce minor joint and muscle pain that I have used. I recommend this product to all martial arts practitioners.

Dr. M. Gyi
Chief Instructor
The American Bando Association

I am using my KinkEase on my forearm muscle injury. It helped my shoulder injury and foot, so I am positive on an equally speedy forearm recovery thanks to KinkEase!!,

Jeff Smith
President - World Champion Jeff Smith Karate
National Director/Grand Master Instructor – Mile High Karate

I have been in complete and utter pain all the time. I have 3 doctors’ reports stating that I am permanently disabled. I was really surprised when I put some (KinkEase) on, how nice it was on my pain compared to Voltaren gel. Yours is better on the skin.

Baltimore, Md.