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Nutritional Supplements

Why a Healthy Diet Is Not Enough

The first misconception we need to address is what constitutes a "healthy diet"? The FDA has published the vitamin and mineral components of what we eat but is it correct?  When that data was compiled there were two major processes for replenishing our food sources. They were flooding and crop rotation. Today we rarely do either. The fertilizers added to the crops make them grow faster or bigger but do not replace the missing minerals or other ingredients necessary for healthy living.

"The American diet has become increasingly deficient in basic nutrient assay.  As a result of soil depletion of micro nutrients, deficiencies in micro nutrients are becoming commonplace. Deficiencies in zinc, magnesium, manganese, strontium, vanadium and chromium, result in many disease states ranging from obesity and diabetes to Alzheimer's Disease and cancer."

It is these deficiencies in our diet that contribute to many of the disease and injury conditions that are too frequently labeled "old age". In order to combat or hopefully prevent many of these conditions we have to find an effective and safe way to replace that which is missing.  The first step is in determining what is actually missing and how much is appropriate. While too little is ineffective, too much can be deadly.