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Nutritional Supplements

Locating Quality Supplements in a Confusing Market

There is a lot of information, misinformation and just plain marketing hype when it comes to what supplements are necessary and in what manner they can or should be taken. This is compounded by the lack of any real regulations when it comes to those same supplements. There is more attention paid by the FDA on what goes on the label than what goes in the bottle. Even when there are good standards, those who follow them are not allowed to advertise that fact.

Suffice to say that the first rule you should follow is know your source and their qualifications. Poor quality will usually not do any harm but it will also not do any good. There are better ways to waste your money. Good (i.e. potent) quality supplements will be potentially effective but only if taken properly.  Reduced estrogen in men can help prevent many prostate issues but the same dosage in women can be troublesome at best. You should only deal where you can get good quality supplements and good, sound, medically qualified advice. There are such sources available if you look. Sometimes your own doctors may be able to provide that service but if not, keep looking.